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“My wife can now engage in conversations with other people, friends, and family.  Before she had her hearing aids, she was often left out of such interactions.  She simply smiled while others carried on the conversation.  Now, she is able to fully participate in conversations, her friends are grateful to have their friend back and I’m thankful to not have to yell anymore! Thank you!”

After much research I was lucky enough to find Heather Zimmel at Advantage Audiology.  Heather  really  showed me that “one size does not fit all”.  Heather made sure the hearing aid she suggested for me was the right one for my needs.  I had trouble with one ear and the hearing aid the first week I had them but Heather figured out the problem and made the correction.

There are many things I like about my aids.  They are so comfortable I forget I even have them in.  (Sometimes that is not a good thing, if you happen to want to take a shower in the middle of the day).  I decided that if I was going to spend a lot of money for hearing aids I would treat them like my glasses.  When I get up in the morning I put my glasses on so I put my hearing aids in.

The hearing aids I selected are TV compatible which means I can remotely plug into the TV and listen to the program through my hearing aids.  I can turn the volume of my hearing aids up or down using a remote devise I usually just put in my pocket.  I can also talk on my cell phone hands free with my hearing aids.  I have traveled internationally and I can plug into the planes audio using my hearing aids rather than the ear buds the airline gives you.  I am outside quite a bit and I don’t have a real problem with wind noise and I certainly don’t have the screeching noise you often hear from some other hearing aids.  When the batteries are dying you receive a little bell chime in the ear.

My sister-in-law asked me how I liked my hearing aids and when I told her I really liked them she was very surprised.  She commented that was the first time anyone had told her they liked their hearing aids.

My husband will also tell you he likes my hearing aids.

~ Sandy